Mencari Yang Tersirat Di Sebalik Yang Tersurat

Mission Impossible ??!

Fuh!! What a hectic period of time that I have! To my beloved readers, I'm so sorry for not updating this humble blog, before and after now. I'm having a great mission to be accomplished before the end of the year.I'll decrease other activities from now. The time is not enough. Don't be angry if I can't spend much time doing normal activities that I usually do with my friends. My Masters thesis is all what I think now. ."The Stock Exchange In Malaysia: Analysis and Critics From Islamic Perspectives". For the sake of Islam.Hope all of you will pray for my success. This mission is not impossible with Allah's will.

"Allahumma a'izzana bil Islam wa a'izzal Islama bina"

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Doa Nabi Daud a.s.

"Ya Allah, kurniakanlah aku cinta-Mu, cinta orang yang mencintai-Mu, dan amalan yang menyampaikanku kepada cinta-Mu. Ya Allah, jadikanlah cinta-Mu lebih aku cintai daripada diriku, keluargaku dan air yang sejuk."

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